Uncut MDMA Crystals x 40gr, 99.8% Purity


We do offer Uncut MDMA Crystals at 99.8% Purity

We’re trusted retailers of 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA) – We have built our superb reputation by offering our customers high quality MDMA, REE delivery and friendly customer support.

Listing Details

This listing is for 20 grams of premium MDMA.We only supply best of the best!! AAA+

– Uncut M that gives a CLEAN roll

– PMK synth

– Color varies from white to gray/brown

– Recommended dose: 100-150mg

– You will receive mostly crystals with some powder

20g High-quality Uncut Crystals: USD 660

30g High-quality Uncut Crystals: USD 940

50g High-quality Uncut Crystals: USD 1,530

100g High-quality Uncut Crystals: USD 2,080

Happy rolling!

**If you are on any anti-depressants please do your own research about the effects it may have on your roll. SSRI’s reduce the effects of MDMA, while combining MAOI’s with MDMA can be dangerous.

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